Monday, September 8, 2008

Friendship SMS Messages

  • Ill forever cherish the friendship you have given me. Ill hold it close forever next to my heart. We may haven’t gone a long way but hope well be friends forever come what may.
  • Things between us might change years from now… It won’t be too surprising but just keep in mind that I’ve been a friend to you once… so till the end, ill always be.

  • If you need advice, text me. If you need a friend, call me. If you need me, email me. If you need money, the subscriber cannot be reached, please don’t try later.
  • Having a friend is like sleeping on wet cement, the longer you stay, the harder for you to let go. But once your gone, you cant go without leaving a single but memorable mark.
  • Whether the weather is good, whether the weather is bad, whether the weather, whatever the weather, you’ll be my friend forever whether you like it or not.


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