Thursday, May 29, 2008

Text Love Quotes

  • People are never perfect but love can be. So why waste your time looking for the perfect love instead of creating the perfect love.
  • If kisses were water I'd give you the sea. if hugs were leaves, I'd give you a tree. if spaces were love, i'd give you eternity.. and if youre true to me, Ill keep all my love for thee.

  • If I were to be born again.. I'd like to be a tear born in your eyes.. It lives on your cheek.. It dies on your lips.
  • The tear shed over the heartbreaks are the words left unsaid and deeds left undone.
  • The say the best thins in life are free but this aint true, I had to text you even theres a fee.. Cause you are the one of the best for me.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Night Text Messages

  • When starlights twinkle and play, a warm goodnight I always say, sleep tight i sincerely pray, In your dreams i will stay to bring you smile for the coming day. Sweet night.
  • GOD made the night for us to rest our tired bodies, to talk with him alone, and to prepare ourselves for tomorrow. have a precious night and a wonderful dream.

  • 'God Bless you' Is such a little prayer, but it means so much: May His Angels guard your sleep and light your way and His grace abound in you always. Sweet dreams.
  • i pray for a life that you deserve.. A life thats good as your heart, as bright as your smile, and as wonderful as you are.. Enjoy life and stay in Gods hand.
  • Praying for you is my way of saying "You are special". So i asked God to pour whats best for you and what makes you happy.. Always stay happy and healthy.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friendship SMS Quotes 2

  • In friendship, there will be times when i cant understand you at all. Not see things the way you want me to. But no matter what happens you'll always be one of the people who made me - a better me. Thank you,
  • friendship is just rainbow between two hearts sharing 7 colors of feelings: Love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, secret, and respect. Hope you'll find that rainbow with me.

  • The moon said to me, If your friend is not texting you, why dont you leave your friend? I looked back to the moon and said, Does your sky ever leave you when you dont shine?
  • You've never been ordinary to me. In fact, youve always been special. you might just think im oblivious but youre not forgotten coz since weve become friends, youve always been special part of my life.
  • Every nice friend is a glimpse of God. It is one of our life's blessings, a priceless gift that can never be bought, sold, or forgotten just like you.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Love Text Messages 12

  • I would give up happiness to never see you sad. I would give up eternity to be with you always. i would give up my life so that yours would be new. i would give up everything except you.
  • Tonight go outside and look at the moon, the beautiful moon which reminds me of you. it is you who shines so bright and kiss my worries good night even though you look like a moon.

  • Never frown because you'll never know if someone is falling in love with your smile.
  • You'll learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.
  • Learn to love the person who is with you at present. Forget the person in the past and thank him instead for hurting you which lead you to love the person you have right now.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fathers Day Text Messages

  • Good Morning! Could you do me a favor? Please hug your dad for me and tell him that i said thanks for raising you well to become one of the best people I know. happy fathers day to your dad.
  • A Dad is Gods love in action. He looks with his heart and feels with his eyes. A Dad is the cement that keeps his family together and his love last a lifetime. Happy Fathers Day!

  • Happy fathers day to your dad. may you always cherish and love him coz hes the one and only dad that you could ever have. Long live to your dad.
  • Thanks for being there Through the tears Laughter and dirty diapers. Happy Father’s Day! Dad. I love U so much.
  • Daddy, I love you so, You are my inspiration, You are a picture of strength and serenity, and I shall love you till eternity! “Happy Fathers Day”


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spiritual Text Messages 4

  • No one ever fulfilled a dream w/o failure, no one perfected the law without violation, no one ever loved w/o a broken heart. Above all no one can live alone w/o God.
  • The most humbling statement we can say is.. "I am nothing without God". And the most powerful statement is.. "With God no thing is impossible"

  • People whose minds are saturated with God's words and submissive to his thoughts have a wisdom that in eternity will prove superior to all the secular wisdom in the world.
  • Heartfelt praise to the Lord: Open your heart let praise roll fort. Review all the things He has done for you. Rejoice, Be glad and Sing. Acknowledge that he defends you. Go to him for refuge. talk about what he's done for you. Recieve His mercy and rejoice His Salvation.
  • The Winning horse doesnt know why it runs a race. It runs because of the whip and pain,. Life is a race; if you are in pain, then clearly, God wants you to win.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sweet SMS Messages

  • When I'm away from you, I'm still with you. when my eyes are closed, I could still see you. When I'm awake, i still dream of you. When I feel i have everything, I still need you. And no matter what, I'll always love you.
  • Your not one of the reason why life is worth living, not one of the reason why I'm Happy all day long, neither why ill never feel alone - You'll never be one of the reasons, cause You'll always be the only reason.

  • On the course of love, people must teach their hearts to be brave- brave enough to hold on when things go wrong and brave enough to let go when they realize that things are not meant to be after all.
  • I was born with a heart, like the rest of us do have, but just recently i found it in half. Could you please check your heart? It might be holding my missing half.
  • We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them. we say we love trees, yet we cut them.. And we still wonder why some poeple are afraid when they are told that they are loved.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Pinoy SMS Jokes

  • Kinuha si Juan na maging sepulturero sa isang sementeryo. isang gabi nung nag roronda siya sa sementeryo. nakakita siya ang taong may pinupukpok sa isang puntod.
    JUAN: EEEKKK, Akala ko isa kang multo. Ano ba pinipukpok mo dyan sa lapida?
    NAGPUPUKPOK: Eh kasi naman itong gumagawa ng lapida ang tatanga! Mali spelling ng pangalan ko kaya bumangon nalang ako para ayusin.
  • Tatlong tangang magkakaibigan ang nagsiksikan sa isang kama.
    TANGA 1: Pre, di tayo kasya. Ang sikip! bawas tayo ng isa.
    TANGA 2: yan pare, lumuwag na, akyat ka na dito.

  • Bumalik sa Pinas and isang balikbayan na Bisayang Tisoy. Tumuloy sya sa isang hotel sa Cebu. Front Desk clerk: Sir, wilcam to Cebu! Chik-in?
    Balikbayan: Dili Dong, Noy-Pi!
  • Tanong: Ano ang pinagkapareho ng bagyo at cellphone?
    Sagot: E di SIGNAL!
  • Fetra: Nay! Nay! inimbita ako ng PRENDS ko, pwede po ako pumunta sa FARTY nila?
    Nanay: Anong FARTY and pinagsasabi mo? Ayusin mo nga mga salita mo. Grade 6 ka na nga eh kung mag salita ka napaka- STUFID.


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