Friday, February 29, 2008

Love Text Messages 9

  • If they offered me a million dollars instead of you I would reject it because you are one in a million.
  • When you love someone expect cuts and bruises. Don't they say that true love hurts?

  • Dont ask how Long our love will last, but how lasting our Longings will be for each other.
  • My heart is small compared to the world but my world is large enough to accomodate your heart.
  • If you ask me to walk halfway ill go the extra mile, If you ask me to hold your hand, ill hold both hands, if you ask me to be with you, ill tell you: thats what im doing already.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love Text Messages 8

  • Whenever you make me smile, I never miss to put it somewhere in my heart and if ever i find my self lonely i would scan my heart to remind me of the times i felt important because of you.
  • Cellphones can be irritating. you have to buy load every now and then. You have to recharge the battery. Messages get delayed.But there is one thing I love about it. It connects "ME TO YOU".

  • There is no special occasion today and no special reason to text. I dont have any news to share, no problems to air.Its one of those times that i wish to say "I REMEMBER YOU"
  • I always wanna let you know how special you are to me but i cant find the right words to prove it. hope this one works just like casper said.. "Can I keep you?"
  • The things that matters most in this world can never be held n our hands, because it's held tightly within our hearts.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Love Text Messages 7

  • On a silent nite when friends r few, i close my eyes n think of u, a silent nite, a silent tear, a silent wish u were here!
  • I have never been good with words..nor at expressing what i feel..But i hope in some way, somehow i have made you feel that "youre very much appreciated that you have made me enjoy life."

  • Can i tel you my secrets? Something you still dont know about me. Will you promise to keep it? Well, I trust you. Youll be the first to know that "Im scared to lose you."
  • I believe dat a man is lucky if he wins the first Love of a woman.. But the truth is.. A woman is luckier if she wins the last love of a man.
  • Im jealous of people getting close to you especially when you show them the real you. Its not that im selfish, im just afraid that youll become to happy with them and youll forget about me.


Funny Naughty Text Messages

  • If made to choose between your boyfriend and your cellphone, choose your cellphone. Youll never miss your boyfriend just make sure you phone has a vibra alert.
  • Once there was a cat and a rooster, the cat fell into the water and paddled hard, the rooster laugh. Moral of the story: In every wet pussy, theres always a happy cock.

  • Guys reaction to girls wearing shorts: "WOW Legs!" Girls reaction to guys wearing shorts: "WOW Eggs!"
  • Virgninity Causes cancer and causes death. So save life, share your virginity. Pls pass to your virgin friends.. Ohh, shit! SOrry, Wrong send!
  • Why do a lot of women spend most of their time improving their looks but not their brains? Why? Because they know that boys are stupid but not blind. Agree?


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Friendship Text Messages 2

  • Life may lead us to different roads, meeting new people and learning things. But one thing is for sure, I will never forget the road where i met you!
  • Lately i learned that friendship is the best relationship. we may Go separate ways, live different lives, believe in different aspects.. But as long as we believe, were friends, Well forever be.

  • Deep within each other's heart, we each do our respective parts by sharing our feelings for each other and make our friendship a lot better.

  • When i pray, i thank God more for my friends than for my daily bread, coz friendship is the bread of the heart.
  • Why does being a friend sometimes make you odd? Because you'll always be wrong even if you're right and you're weak even if you are strong.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Proverb Text Messages 2

  • Success in life can never be an accident. It is the result of right decision at the right time. Champions are not the people who never fail, but the people who never quit!
  • Life's Rules: Assume nothing, Expect little, Do more, Need less, Smile often, Sleep long, Dream big, laugh a lot, Pray always and once in a while, cry. But continue living.

  • Dont do into others if you dont want others do unto you.
  • The most pityful thing.. Is to spend a life thinking of nothing but yourself.
  • You cant be right by doing wrong, you cant be wrong by doing right.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Text Messages 6

  • Love is like an ATM, you need to enter your personal feelings so that you can truly recieve the real worth of his love account.
  • Love is like a balloon, hold it gently but not too tight for once it burst, its gone forever.
  • I you want to look for the one to love, just close your eyes.. and let your heart see for itself.

  • Love isnt really a feeling..its an action.
  • There is no compromise with love..accept it, reject it, bu never meet its halfway.


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