Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friendship Text Messages 4

  • Sooner you’ll no longer feel my presence; you’ll never even miss my absence. I’ll just hope somebody when the roads meet again you’ll still be the person, I used to call friend.
  • Friendship does not die just because of distance so even if your not here, I hope you know I’m keeping you with me in my heart coz you’ll always be special to me even through the miles.

  • Friendship is the wonderful gift that no one can buy. It is made up of love that roots in our hearts to make fruit of memory not just for a while but for a lifetime.
  • Do you ever recall the day we first meet? Our first hello? The day we became friends? Well I do, I will always remember for the best gifts I’ll be keeping you.
  • The best of friendship doesn’t only show when your together it shows when you’re apart yet you realize that despite distance and silence friendship still survives.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank You Text Messages

  • My life is not really perfect, not so wonderful but I have the reason to be happy because theirs someone like you who’s been always good to me. Hope you won’t change, thanks for everything.
  • Someday it’s gone be too late, to say the things that must be said so before time turns against us. Just let me say this, thanks a lot, for being nice to me.

  • Thank you for stepping into my life and being nice and goods to me, hoping that we have started will not change, as time goes by,'No Goodbye!'.
  • I’m sure that someday somehow, before God closes my book of life, he will surely give me time to scan it. But I won’t lose for that time to say thanks for being a page of mine!
  • You were first a stranger, someone I never know existed. One who pass by me without saying hi, but now you’re someone with whom I share one of the best friendship in my life. Thank You.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Funny SMS Jokes 4

  • First in Space:RUSSIAN: We were the first in space.
    AMERICAN: We were the first in the moon.
    FILIPINO: We will be the first in the sun.
    AMERICAN: No, you cannot land in the sun. It’s too hot!
    FILIPINO: It’s very simple. We will go their at night.
  • MINNIE: Dear, I see your cough is better this morning?
    ADAN: Why not? I’ve been practicing all night.

  • A Chinese walked into a bar and talked to the black bartender, 'I’ll have a jigger nigger.' You weren’t trying to insult me, were you pal?' asked the bartender. The Chinese assured him to the contrary. 'Then let’s change places, 'Suggested the bartender. They did and the black walked up the bar and said, 'Gimme a drink, chink.' The Chinese replied, 'Sorry, we don’t serve niggers.'
  • ROMMEL: what did Rodel say when he fell off the ladder?
    WENG: Shall I leave out the bad words?
    ROMMEL: of course.
    WENG: Nothing!
  • GUEST SPEAKER: Let us define some terms before we proceed. What is a good manager?
    EMPLOYEE 1: One who shows profit.
    GUEST SPEAKER: What do you call a manager who shows losses?


Monday, August 11, 2008

Sweet SMS

  • Cotton candy? Nope! Chocolate syrup? Nah! Fresh honey? Not! Lemme see… How bout Sugar? Nope! Darn! I still cant find anything as sweet as you.
  • I was at the ship thinking of you. When I looked down, I dropped a tear into the ocean, until someone finds it, that’s the only time I’ll stop loving you.

  • No matter how loud I laugh, I’m still not happy. No matter how hard I cry, the sadness inside grows. The more people love me, the more I feel empty. I just need you to love me, for all the pain to go.
  • Being alone maybe the hardest thing but it gives you time to think and realize how much you really want to spend your life with someone you’re destined to be with.
  • I have learned to accept what life has thrown at me, most brought pain and regret. You are one of them that brought joy and I don’t want you to be just another life’s regret.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Spiritual SMS Messages

  • Trials exist not because God wants to test you. That is a lie. He already knows your capabilities, more than you could imagine, trials exist because you need to learn one thing, and that is FAITH.
  • God will prove to you how good and acceptable and perfect His will is, when He’s got His hands on the steering wheel of your life.

  • Everything about the future is uncertain but 1 thing is for sure, God had already arranged all our tomorrows. We just have to trust in him as he leads.
  • Little things we give away surely comes back to us some other day. Coz God never forget to give reward to those who share their unselfish hearts.
  • The best way to walk each day is not by walking with nice shoes, but by walking with God. Walk not only by feet but walk with faith in your heart.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Love SMS Messages

  • To love somebody is so risky and indeed very tiring; sometimes it seems you’ve already done every thing to the person but then your existence remains unseen.
  • Sometimes two people decide to keep their feelings even if they love each other and I often wonder why? I supposed it’s not the love that so hard to sustain, but the commitment that complicates everything.

  • Some things are not meant to be kept forever. You know you have to stop and let go things aren’t going right, and everything you did is unappreciated. It is wiser to be alone but happy. Than with somebody who do nothing while you do everything.
  • Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.
  • If two souls are destined to fall in love, they will meet at the crossroad of their lives if they fall in love not meant for each other, even if they are happy they are destined to fall apart.


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