Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love Text Messages 3

  • Whenever you make me smile, I never miss to put it somewhere in my heart and if ever i find my self lonely i would scan my heart to remind me of the times i felt important because of you.
  • cellphones can be irritating. you have to buy load every now and then. You have to recharge the battery. Messages get delayed.But there is one thing I love about it. It connects "ME TO YOU".

  • There is no special occasion today and no special reason to text. I dont have any news to share, no problems to air.Its one of those times that i wish to say "I REMEMBER YOU"
  • I always wanna let you know how special you are to me but i cant find the right words to prove it. hope this one works just like casper said.. "Can I keep you?"
  • The things that matters most in this world can never be held n our hands, because it's held tightly within our hearts.


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