Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spiritual Text Messages 2

  • Whenever you dont understand whats happening in your life you just have to close your eyes
    take a deep breath & say "LORD,i know its your plan, just help me through it...
  • Worrying doesnt change anything.. but trusting the LORD changes everything..When we put our cares in God's hands, he puts his peace in our hearts.
  • In times of diffuculties, dont ever say, "God i have a big problem", but instead "Hey problem, I have a big GOD and everything will be alright."
  • Keep in mind that GOD is your greatest companion because no matter how imperfect you are and no matter what happens in your life, GOD will still be there to give you the greatest love youve always wanted.
  • When you open your door to God, you open your door to friendship.


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