Friday, February 29, 2008

Love Text Messages 9

  • If they offered me a million dollars instead of you I would reject it because you are one in a million.
  • When you love someone expect cuts and bruises. Don't they say that true love hurts?

  • Dont ask how Long our love will last, but how lasting our Longings will be for each other.
  • My heart is small compared to the world but my world is large enough to accomodate your heart.
  • If you ask me to walk halfway ill go the extra mile, If you ask me to hold your hand, ill hold both hands, if you ask me to be with you, ill tell you: thats what im doing already.


gusher said...

xlinks pre?

here's my link,

i've added yours, please add me too.

live tv on computer said...

nice one.. :)

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