Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spiritual Text Messages 4

  • No one ever fulfilled a dream w/o failure, no one perfected the law without violation, no one ever loved w/o a broken heart. Above all no one can live alone w/o God.
  • The most humbling statement we can say is.. "I am nothing without God". And the most powerful statement is.. "With God no thing is impossible"

  • People whose minds are saturated with God's words and submissive to his thoughts have a wisdom that in eternity will prove superior to all the secular wisdom in the world.
  • Heartfelt praise to the Lord: Open your heart let praise roll fort. Review all the things He has done for you. Rejoice, Be glad and Sing. Acknowledge that he defends you. Go to him for refuge. talk about what he's done for you. Recieve His mercy and rejoice His Salvation.
  • The Winning horse doesnt know why it runs a race. It runs because of the whip and pain,. Life is a race; if you are in pain, then clearly, God wants you to win.


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