Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweet Text Messages 7

  • What makes me so happy to be in love with that guy, even if he’s not Brad Pitt? It’s because I found someone whose also happy with me even if I’m not Angelina Jolie.
  • Everything that happens in our lives has a reason why it happens. I guess the reason why I knew you is because I was meant to love you.

  • Pass this message only to the person:
    -who made you smile
    -who are special
    -who became part of your life
    -and to someone you will forever treasure
    I just did.
  • If ever the world would end today, I’ll tell you now my love that maybe in another life, I’ll go on searching for you because you’ve been a special part of me and I can’t go on without you.
  • Cried my first tear of joy last night, heaven shined a light, all my dreams came true, my first night with you.


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