Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Romantic Text Messages

  • Please don’t think that just because I text you today you are special to me. Of course not! Cause you are special to me, not just today but everyday.
  • As I look back on my past, I remember the tears I cried, the jokes I laughed at, things I missed and lost, but there’s one thing I’ll never regret, it’s the day you became my life.

  • I’m proud of my self coz I was given a chance to meet a person like you. Whatever happens I’ll always treasure you coz I know I’ll never have another you in my life.
  • If I were to take anything from you without getting noticed, I’d take all the loneliness in your heart coz I don’t want a special person like you to be hurt when you truly deserve the best in life.
  • We never outgrew the need to be hugged and loved, and I just want you to know that whenever you need a hug or a little love I’m here.


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