Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SMS Love Quotes 3

  • Funny how we set qualifications while we are in the process of finding the person who is best for us. When in the back of our minds we know that the one we love will always be an exception to the rule.
  • Sometimes loving could be so painful, but it’s amazing to know that no matter how hard it is, loving someone is still the simplest reason why you find your self smiling.

  • I can’t weep for the rest of my life coz I wasn’t born to feel pain all the time, someday I’ll find courage to let everybody know that, “my real purpose is to love and not to hurt”
  • Sometimes, we get to possessive with something we don’t even own, it’s a side-effect of loving to much & receiving to little.
  • Being committed to love someone, means losing the opportunity of having others to love you, so be sure the person your committed to, deserves your love & worthy of your sacrifice.


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