Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweet Text Messages 9

  • Scenario: girl and boy with their friends in the canteen. Boy: I’ve got to go. (he stands while grabbing the girl’s hand).Girl: Why
    Boy: (poiting on a signboard that says: “DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VALUABLE THINGS UNATTENDED”).
    Funny yet so sweet!
  • A devil love this angel but the angel didn’t mind, one day the devil get sick and was about to die then the angel asked why are you leaving me? The devil answered, so I can be your angel and love you forever.

  • True love covers the eyes to see no wrong. True love darkens reason to consider every situation. True love, loves more when it hurts much. True love is still true even to the point of letting go.
  • Look for a guy who accepts you beyond eyes can see, love you for who you are and what you will be. A guy who’d cherish you more than anything, who will not treat you as his Girl but his LIFE.
  • Men are the scariest monsters that was ever known, they are great liars, cheaters, too proud and they simply love too many, but when a man loves truly he will lie only in your arms cheat death to be with you he will forever be proud of you and love you in too many ways that no one else can do!


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