Monday, January 14, 2008

Friendship Text Messages

  • Thanks for Sharing a bit of your life for the friendship youve shown me. I may haven't done enough to make you feel that i value you but theres only few words il say, Thanks for everything.
  • "Thank you!" will never be enough to express how grateful i am to have you. God is so wise coz He gave me a friend and He made a very special one out of you.
  • Friendship is a collection of hearts, ready to give, share and understand. it never fades and never ends. It only reminds us life is not perfect without a friend.
  • There is no proof when or how everything had started..There is no insight when or how everything will end.. Im just glad that in between the beginning and the end..You and I became friends.
  • I could never choose whats good for you. Neither I could say what you should do, but remember that when the best things are going wrong.."I will be there to make you strong."


Scotty's Princess said...

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Leah said...

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