Saturday, January 12, 2008

Valentine Text Messages

  • One day you will ask me what is more important to me, you or my life? I will say my life and you will walk out and leave me not even realizing that YOU ARE MY LIFE!!!Happy valentines day!
  • Even though we are not together this Valentines Day but I'll be with you wherever you go. Love you always.
  • If I were to buy you a bunch of roses, I would place a plastic one in the middle, then say "My love will be the last one to die". Happy Valentines day!
  • I love you, you love me, in my heart you'll always be, here or there, near or far my love will be wherever you are! Happy Valentines day!
  • Once upon a time,something happened to me.It was the sweetest thing that ever could be, it was a fantasy, a dream come true. It was the day i met you! Happy valentines day my Love!


MISYEL said...

Wow nice text messages, I wished to received one of those messages on Valentine's day!

Thanks for the visit ha and na-add na pala kita sa missymisyel. :)

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