Monday, January 7, 2008

Sweet Text Messages

  • One of the nicest things in my life was knowing you and even if i don't have a lot of messages to send.. I want you to know how much i treasure you since the day i knew you!
  • Even if i don't make some moves to make you feel how special you are , where ever you are, always remember that you still belong to the puzzle that makes my whole life complete.
  • Your someone who has always made me special that i still have my worth no matter how unperfect i am.. I feel so blessed that i can say.. i met my angel even before i reached HEAVEN!
  • it's gonna be too late to say the things that must be sed.. so before time turns against us,
    just let me say this.. u have make my life happy in ways u never see..
  • There will be days when you get home from a party and forget what the fun was about. Have a very long and intimate conversation, yet feel there are still words left unspoken. Embrace your special someone, yet never have the strength to say you care so much. Life tells us that happiness is never absolute. Seize the moment. It may never come again.


Hello guys, welcome to my TextandQuotes site. I am very sorry for not updating this site regularly. I was so very busy creating this Text Messages Booklet. All of the best and collections of Text Messages will be in here. So i Hope you get one.
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