Monday, February 25, 2008

Funny Naughty Text Messages

  • If made to choose between your boyfriend and your cellphone, choose your cellphone. Youll never miss your boyfriend just make sure you phone has a vibra alert.
  • Once there was a cat and a rooster, the cat fell into the water and paddled hard, the rooster laugh. Moral of the story: In every wet pussy, theres always a happy cock.

  • Guys reaction to girls wearing shorts: "WOW Legs!" Girls reaction to guys wearing shorts: "WOW Eggs!"
  • Virgninity Causes cancer and causes death. So save life, share your virginity. Pls pass to your virgin friends.. Ohh, shit! SOrry, Wrong send!
  • Why do a lot of women spend most of their time improving their looks but not their brains? Why? Because they know that boys are stupid but not blind. Agree?


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