Monday, April 21, 2008

SMS Love Quotes

  • I may be innocent to know what love is, I may not show it to you but I felt that you knew. I may not love you the way it should be, but I'm always willing to love you the way i understand it.
  • Cant you see the look in my eyes that say i like you? cant you see the smile on my face whenever we talk? Cant you see I'm happy whenever I'm with you? and why cant you see that I'm falling in love with you!

  • You're the one I hug so tight, you're the one i dream of at night, always remember that i'll forever be true, each and every second my heart belongs to you.
  • Life they say is touch and go. Some people you know may only be there for sometime. Some may go away, but people who find you special will always find ways to stay.
  • Someday you will lose the one you love if you will not show him/her now how much you really care. So, tell him/her now before its too late. you might wake up one morning losing him/her.


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