Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Night Text Messages

  • When starlights twinkle and play, a warm goodnight I always say, sleep tight i sincerely pray, In your dreams i will stay to bring you smile for the coming day. Sweet night.
  • GOD made the night for us to rest our tired bodies, to talk with him alone, and to prepare ourselves for tomorrow. have a precious night and a wonderful dream.

  • 'God Bless you' Is such a little prayer, but it means so much: May His Angels guard your sleep and light your way and His grace abound in you always. Sweet dreams.
  • i pray for a life that you deserve.. A life thats good as your heart, as bright as your smile, and as wonderful as you are.. Enjoy life and stay in Gods hand.
  • Praying for you is my way of saying "You are special". So i asked God to pour whats best for you and what makes you happy.. Always stay happy and healthy.


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