Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Love Text Messages 14

  • I can’t tell you I care, I can’t tell you my feelings but I know its there. I can’t tell you I want to stay, I can’t tell you I love you coz you might go away.
  • What really matters in picking your chocolate is not the sweetness but its capabilities of making you happy no matter how bitter it could get sometimes.

  • The tide can wash away the sand, the wind can blow away the sky but the moments you’ve spent with the person who mean so much will forever stay in your heart.
  • Its best to wait for the one you want that settle for the one available. Best to wait for the one you love than the one who’s around. Best to wait for the right one coz life is too short to be wasted on just someone.
  • You’ll know he loves you when you know that he’ll never hurt you no matter how much you hurt him and you’ll know you love him when you don’t hurt him when you know you can.


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