Monday, August 18, 2008

Funny SMS Jokes 4

  • First in Space:RUSSIAN: We were the first in space.
    AMERICAN: We were the first in the moon.
    FILIPINO: We will be the first in the sun.
    AMERICAN: No, you cannot land in the sun. It’s too hot!
    FILIPINO: It’s very simple. We will go their at night.
  • MINNIE: Dear, I see your cough is better this morning?
    ADAN: Why not? I’ve been practicing all night.

  • A Chinese walked into a bar and talked to the black bartender, 'I’ll have a jigger nigger.' You weren’t trying to insult me, were you pal?' asked the bartender. The Chinese assured him to the contrary. 'Then let’s change places, 'Suggested the bartender. They did and the black walked up the bar and said, 'Gimme a drink, chink.' The Chinese replied, 'Sorry, we don’t serve niggers.'
  • ROMMEL: what did Rodel say when he fell off the ladder?
    WENG: Shall I leave out the bad words?
    ROMMEL: of course.
    WENG: Nothing!
  • GUEST SPEAKER: Let us define some terms before we proceed. What is a good manager?
    EMPLOYEE 1: One who shows profit.
    GUEST SPEAKER: What do you call a manager who shows losses?


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