Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank You Text Messages

  • My life is not really perfect, not so wonderful but I have the reason to be happy because theirs someone like you who’s been always good to me. Hope you won’t change, thanks for everything.
  • Someday it’s gone be too late, to say the things that must be said so before time turns against us. Just let me say this, thanks a lot, for being nice to me.

  • Thank you for stepping into my life and being nice and goods to me, hoping that we have started will not change, as time goes by,'No Goodbye!'.
  • I’m sure that someday somehow, before God closes my book of life, he will surely give me time to scan it. But I won’t lose for that time to say thanks for being a page of mine!
  • You were first a stranger, someone I never know existed. One who pass by me without saying hi, but now you’re someone with whom I share one of the best friendship in my life. Thank You.

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