Monday, November 17, 2008

Falling In Love Text Messages

  • How could you possible be friends with someone, when every time you look at that person, you want to slap his face and shout, “you look so stupid! Stop smiling you’re stealing my heart!”
  • If you love someone, never ask any opinion from others, because it might get wrong, just follow your heart! For it’s better to fall from your own happiness than to fall from anyone’s advice.

  • It’s hard to fall when you’re not sure if someone will catch you. But isn’t it wonderful when you fall & no one was there to catch you yet someone was there to pick you & say “iv fallen first ”.
  • Question:
    How come that the eye is the most amazing part of the human body?
    Coz a severe contact with another eye can make you fall in love.
  • True love comes only once in a lifetime, it suddenly knocks on your heart, so when the right love comes don’t ever let it go coz you can never. Bring it back again!


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